Mastermind #English

What is a mastermind and how does it work?

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I have hosted mastermind groups since 2008 and in this podcast and area I invite you who are interested to sign up for a next coming mastermind by signing up as a member or contact me at / or Welcome!

We start each mastermind to take some time to connect and take some deep inhales and exhales and start up by reading the Mastermind principle choose the leader of the meeting.

Invocation (Greetings of each and every one who express the positive things that happened since last meeting. (about 2-3 min max) and remember the Rules;

Say only positive things and with good purpose, if it doesn´t serve dont say it!

When you disagree, ask clarifying questions don´t say you don´t understand, make only agreement that you are willing to keep. If you can´t fulfill your agreement, communicate it as soon as possible so others can help you.

When something doesn´t look for the system and for correction and purpose for systembased solution. Communicate but remember

No laying, No blame, No Justification nor No Shame!!!

Everyone work with his/her Goal but it can be a good idea that someone in the group will have the special attention every occation.

Everyone give each other feedback. Keep the last 10/12 min for the finishing time to give a promise to the group where each one tell the group what each one is going to do until the next meeting. Read another chapter of the BOOK.

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